About Moi

Name: Donna Louise Maria de Leeuw
Alias: Gwende, Gwendydd, Shadowheart
Date of Birth: Juli 26th 1973
Gender: Female (incase you did not notice that yet lol)
Location: Almere
Languages: Dutch, English and wee Spanish and German, would love to speak good clear Spanish!!!
Eye Color: Green, with a liitle grey and brown, depend on day :)
Hair color: Blond, with some mixe of brown, blond, they call it here pepper and slat :P
Height/weight: Urf, 168cm and 59 Kg
Hobby: Drawing, reading, cooking, movies, web design and making jewelry (or buying them hahahaha!)
Fav colors: black, purple, red, pink and green
Fav food: Fresh veggies with anything, pizza, uhm well general all Italian food, , Mexican or Thai.
Music: A Perfect Circle, Rammstein, UFO, Eels, Mana. Within Temptation, and a lot more rock and pop bands
Movies: The Crow I, Braveheart, Constatine, The Village, War of the Worlds and lots moer

Dell Pentium 4/ 3.00 GHz
1024MB RAM
GeForce 5200
HD 40GB (Cleo) and 160GB (Sophie) *uhm yes, they have names :P*
Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 710v
Mouse: Logitech Cordless Click!™ Plus Optical Mouse ( I draw with the mouse mostly)
Tablet: Wacom Graphire2 USB Steel
Scanner: HP ScanJet 3300C (never use that)
Programs used to doll:
Paint Shop Pro 8 (99%)
Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Just some basics:

I was born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, till I was about 9 years old, then we moved to Purmerend.
I moved back to Amsterdam when I was 20, the last year of my study I did there,and I had met the most lovely and sweetest guy a year back then (in the year 1992 hehe), and we moved in to a little 2-room appartment together. In 1998 Rob and I moved to Almere, a 'real' house, so 'huge' that our floorcarpet form the other livingroom fitted in our bedroom *grins*. I work for a company that is a wholesaler, I started working there when I was 22 or something, not that it was my plan to do so, but I could not get a job in the part I got my degree on...I am a beautician LOL, but that world is so not me *aldo I am crazy on makup and makeovers hehe* , so now I am happy to work there and do the administration and export/sales for them.
We share our home with our kitty Libby who has a temper but is getting sweeter by the day (got her from the pound, she has kind of a story to tell I think). We have no kids but maybe someday we will, or not, who knows :) When I have spare time I spend it with Rob and watch movies or cook together, or play World Of Warcraft (Terenas EU server, say hi to Adresteia when you there). I also am trying to get a little dream come true and would love to have my own bussines in Art (?!) and Poser Addons, that is slowly taking a start now, but as I still work fulltime it is more dreaming that doing as time is short at hand, but doing my best as I want to make it work! I go to fitness once a week so I have the feeling I am doing something :P I am crazy about animals in all shapes and sizes, and love nature. I can really enjoy just sitting in the middle of our grassyfield in the garden en just look at the butterflies, bees, frogs and birds. I love cats, birds, horses and butterflies.

My Websites:

MoonGraphics (my site with my 3D Gallery and products for Poser by E-frontier and layouts and websets)
Moonpixels (free graphics like wallpapers and more)
MoonpixelDollz (my wicked but sweet hobby: pixeldolls)

Peace in your mind and love in your heart, and may the light always shine on the path that you choose!

ME! no taking!XxX Donna