Faery Dollz

"Daisy" (base mp)

"Tenar Fyrefly" (base mp)

" Zyal " (base by mp)

This is liana I really love the wings!

NightShade (base Josie)

Burgundy Fae (base MoonPixels)
Base by Faery Ink

Auttumn! (base by Kiwi)

Spring Fae (base by me)

Thinking of you (base by me)No adopt!

Roxanna (base by anaesthetic)

'Purple Fair Fae' (base by me)

' Morygan ' Keeper of Magick, sister of Ellysa (base by Pinkland)

' Ellysa 'SpiritKeeper, sister of Morygan (base by Pinkland)

' Nyeve ' Winterkeeper, Sister of Ellysa & Morygan (base by Pinkland)

My Sweet Darkfae (base by Janine)

Auttumm (base by Kyara)
Tincka (base by Anaesthetic)

(base by me)

(base by Daisy)

(base by Daisy)

(base by Daisy)

(base by Bondchick)

(base by Bondchick)

(base by Bondchick)

(base by Janine)

(base by Janine)

(base by Janine)