Divers Dollz

" Kelly " just having fun :P

" Raven ", a real babe, I so want her top!

Base by me

Lill' Valentine gift for the peeps I love.
This one is not for adoption! (base by mp)

Base by me

Base by Angy

Emelie 'don't mess with me' (base by me)

The lovely and oh so cute PUCCA!! (base by me)

base by me
Meet Annastacya .. ! (base by me)

Base by me
Meet Gwen .. ! (base by me)

No more school (base by me)

'Janice-San' (base by Pinkland)

Sharon (base by Kyara)

Back to the '80 (base by Josie)

Bedtime =) (base by Misato)

(base by ?)

Cybergirlll (base by Kyara)