My Bases
These bases are free for personal and non-comercial use only.
Distribution of these bases is not premitted, so please be considerate and just use them to make your lovely dollz. Please remember to use one of the logos provided, or just a texlink, and link me back at (links can be found on the links and terms pages)If you want to recolour them, change the face, eye's... that's no problem, flipping a base, so that she/he is looking the other way, no problem.
But please don't change the bases by adding arms, heads, legs or what so ever.
* When you use one of my bases to make a doll, your can simply remove my copyrightsign without any problem, but please give me credit for the base*
newest Kielo
*new Lyco
*new Liya -portrait base
Raven Base
Kat Base Angel Base
Koshini Base
Naoko Base
Kitty Base
Lorelei Base
~SafyGurl Base
Neeju Base
Cutie Base
~Suzan Base
~Deniz Base
Mermaid, Diva & Pixie Base
Gwen Base
Emelie Base
Pucca Base
* = latest addition to bases
~= new version (recolour/edit)