On this page you will find my own oiriginal, cute, fluffy, funny, useless etc., pixels-stuff for you to adopt.

Have fun, but please remember to link back to me (textlink/linking image) or bad karma will get you =)

Random pixels:

Hand made necklaces made from the best quality gemstones, combined with gold or silver :)

Moonstone: Brings inspiration and success.

Ruby: gives power and courage (but beware, do not use by a hot temper!)

Jade: the stone of justice and wisdom

Rose Quartz : Stimulates love and art, makes fear and homesickness go away

Pop the top, and you will find the finest fairydust gathered by fairies from the wild forest flowers while thinking good thoughts ~ this give it the most potent of magical powers! Each pot is approx. 8" x 8" and shimmering with magical moonlight! Each bottle is unique!

Moon Dust

Midnight Dust

One of the strongest we have, handle this one with care, and it will do promising things. Also perfect for Moonmagic! For special spells. Can be used for dreamwalking (visiting some one else his dreams)

DayDream Dust

MorningGlory Dust

A special one, it lets things see as they really are! Use this to make things happen (!) Beginning are bottled, we have the proof..

Sun Dust

Reflection Dust

For fire or just for giving some warmth, this one can do many things.. Used to turn negative magic in to good, also used to camouflage things you don't want to be seen by others..

Little Hawk is praised owing to the elegance of its shapes and the velocity of the arrow right when being released .
Walnut is smartly matched with maple laminations for crafting the handle. Comes is different colors, provided by the gemstone in the handgrip.
Luxury Edition, with golden details and two Garnet gemstones
Plain version, no gemstone

These flasks have inside lovely, pure oil that contain the powers of the elements ...
Can be used in bath for relaxation or refreshment as well in your Magic...take your pick






Ahum .. my first try with my Wacom Tablet =)

I used a picture of a real woman as a guidline for this elf...

ahum .. yep holly s....
My first miniroom =)

Fae Kao 1
Fae Kao 2
Boxing Kao
Bunny Blue
Bunny Green
Bunny Purple
Bunny Yellow
Bunny rainbow
Juggle Heart Kao
Magic Kao
Dragon Kao 1
Dragon Kao 2
Brewing Kao
Spell Kao
Orange Witch Kao
Pink Witch Kao
Green Wicth Kao
Bleu Witch Kao