Welcome to Moon Pixel Dollz
These Dollz starded as one of my hobbies years and years ago, a great way to clear the mind and relax, and when I have time I just pixel away.
This site provides bases so if you would like, you can try your hand on one, it is really a lot of fun.
Of course you can play around with one of my doll makers instead if that is your thing or you want a cute avatar.
(And yes, YOU can make your own with the bases in a graphic program, and yes YOU can make dolls with the doll makers, YOU can figure it out really ^^ it is not that hard lol)
I hope you enjoy your stay here!
xXx Donna


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Ooh Hello!!!!
:: Posted 4 Nov. 2022 ::
Ha! It is me! Hello my lovelies!
I am working at this moment to get all the Dollmakers back online! (The Centaur maker is running!) All date was lost due to many things, my backup crashed, imagehosting just died, and due to an accident in RL I went offline and did not bother with sites anymore
So, first, my apolligies, just give me some time, they all will be online as far as I can safe them, or even make new makers, why not?
Yes, I am much older now, and yes, I have a family and work etc, but this is still fun!

So, the site will stay up, lets see if we can get the engine running : )
Also in the planning, my other sites :P But first this one! Love you all!

xXx Donna


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