Welcome to Moon Pixel Dollz
These Dollz are one of my hobbies, great way to clear the mind and relax, and when I have time I just pixel away.
This site provides bases so if you would like you can try your hand on one, it is really a lot of fun.
Of course you can play around with one of my doll makers instead if that is your thing .
(And yes, YOU can make your own with the bases in a graphic program, and yes YOU can make dolls with the doll makers, YOU can figure it out really ^^ it is not that hard lol)
I hope you enjoy your stay!
xXx Donna
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:: Posted 14 Feb. 2010 ::
Happy Valentines Day!
I am seriously considering to no longer maintain the dollies.
as you may have noticed I am working on much other things than dolls, I still like them of course, and I would really hate to remove the makers I made with so much passion before.
But it would be a shame to let this site gather dust.

I will think about this for a while, just be warned things may change soon : )
If you think I am dead, please check out my other site too :P

xXx Donna


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